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Cargo Handling and Custom Clearance

We specialize in providing cargo handling & custom clearance services for bulk cargo and break bulk cargo. We provide all kinds of logistic and administrative support for these services. This experience has enabled us in developing efficient & cost effective handling.
We are also specialized in offloading dry bulk cargo and reloading it in container as per customer requirements. We are also specialized in bagging dry bulk cargo with the help of mechanized systems. Finally, one of the main strengths of Ripley Logistics in Middle East is that it is held up as a benchmark by various customs administrations.​

  • Customised advice: analysis of customs flows and expert assistance in a range of fields (regulations, procedures, customs regimes)
  • handling of customs operations from A to Z (Ripley Logistics is a licensed customs clearance agent in most countries)
  • Cargo safety and security guarantees of a certified operator
  • Agreements and conventions with various customs administrations (simplified and/or pre-paid clearance procedures)
  • “De​dicated” ​customer IT solutions that are more conducive to EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)


  +971 4349 1011

Sunday – Thursday                 09:00 – 18:00
Saturday                                     10:00 – 13:00



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